To facilitate an inclusive, collaborative platform for museum workers, human services workers, educators, students, writers (and hopefully many others) to discuss, celebrate, and build possibilities for creating empowering museum experiences.


A supportive forum where you can share your successes, challenges, and ideas relating to social service endeavors in the museum, and maybe even develop some collaborative projects.







Hi, I’m Jessica Konigsberg.

I’m a cultural and community development professional in Baltimore, MD. I have an undergraduate degree in Human Development and a background in human services work, including experience in arts access, disability support, crisis support, and childcare. A few years ago, I transitioned into the museum field and am working to build bridges between social service work and museums.

I am passionate about the role that arts and culture can play in empowering individuals and communities, and I believe that museums and cultural institutions possess unique resources that can support these goals.

My favorite things include

  • visiting museums
  • rock climbing and cycling
  • my husband, David


I encourage anyone interested in collaborating or guest blogging (or just sharing ideas) to email me at museumswithimpact@gmail.com. Please also feel free to email with feedback, suggestions, and questions.

I am excited to learn from you, and look forward to chatting!

3 thoughts on “About

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  2. Dear Jessica,
    I am just seeing your post about the Kreeger Museum Conversations last June, June 2015. Who was the docent…do you remember? Kindly let me know…also what a beautifully written piece and such a wealth of info on your blog. Thank you, rebecca carr-Program Manager for Conversations at the Kreeger

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    • Hello Rebecca, Thank you so much for your kind words. Conversations was one of the most fabulous programs I’ve ever witnessed, and solidified my desire to one day work in this area of museum programming. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the docent, but I’d be happy to talk further over email to see if anything jogs my memory (museumswithimpact@gmail.com).


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